This is the year you make multiple 6  figures.

This is the year you make       multiple 6 figures.

There. We said it.  We know you're capable of it - you're driven, ambitious, hard working and are freakin' passionate about what you do.  You just need a little more structure, organization and intention behind your most important dreams, to help bring them to life.  And guess what - we've got you. 

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Its time to achieve more with less stress

You Have the Power to Create your Biggest & Best year yet.


You wake up every day to an intentional daily plan that actually moves the needle towards results, rather than feeling overwhelmed in all the "busy" work.

You're clear-headed and focused on the impact you want to make on this world.  And even better - you're spending your time and energy on the tasks that light you up and help you to make tangible progress toward your big goals.

You're confident as f*ck, energized, ready to take on the world, feeling better than ever and sharing your authentic radiance with the world

“This program transformed my business & my life!”

I'm on track to double my income this year, and having 10K months consistently. AND I am actually  prioritizing my wellness & self care too. I swear by the weekly planner now. Thank you two so much for this program! I It paid for itself 10x in the first month. 

- Georgia

SURE, YOU *COULD* DO IT YOURSELF (and likely have been). But if you're anything like us, you want to do it faster & better so you can continue to grow.

We get it.  You want someone you trust to tell you what works and what doesn't.  You're looking for a plan you can follow through on, feel excited about and get results from.

This is the exact process we used to make our Olympic dreams a reality, create 6 figure businesses, launch 6 figure courses and start a podcast that is ending the year in the top 20% (and is still growing).

We know what works.  And we want to share with you.

Don't spend another year doing the same shit, expecting different results.  



The Goal Getter Rx

• Drop your limits
• Rise to your potential
• Create a crystal clear plan of action to achieve your goals
• Have your best business year yet. 

Let's break down our 6 step program

Here's What You'll Learn


Step One


This is where you claim your big, bright 10/10 life. You'll set your vision & your guiding & grounding “why”. Most people skip this part of the process because it can feel confusing & uncomfortable.  But not with us!  We help you get crystal clear on what you want your future to look like, what success looks like for YOU, so you can purposefully build the goals, habits and lifestyle that supports you. 

As Yogi Berra Said: If you don't know where you're going, you may wind up someplace else.


Step two


Proper goal setting is the secret to a wildly successful & fulfilling business.  You'll write down your boldest & brightest goals (ahem, then write them so they are clear, directive and simple so you can follow through with ease, organization and joy!). 

Zoom out and Create your Yearly Goals Map
 (no more going a million directions).
Break it down with your Quarterly & Monthly Goals Map 
(no more burnout).
Follow our step by step roadmap, journal & planner inside!
(no more overwhelm). 



Step 4


Create your Thrive Wellness Plan & Minimal Wellness Plan. Taking radical care of your mind, body, soul & skincare every week is a critical and overlooked part of your journey towards your most important dreams.
Be your own greatest superpower by prioritizing, scheduling & committing to feeling healthy & well-thy.
No more reaching your goals burnt out and broken. We are balancing hustle, hard work and radical self care. 


Step 6


Perfect plans rarely go perfectly to plan. And we say – screw striving for perfection - let's strive for progress. In this step, we share the most common obstacles you’ll face & traps you’ll get stuck in on your journey -- and how you can overcome them easily & quickly. It’s time to stop self- sabotaging your own dreams, friend, say bye to imposter syndrome & perfectionism.  



What good are goals if you do nothing with them?
Get ready for crystal-clear focus & an empowering plan of action. This is where the magic happens. Learn how to take your badass goals and break them down into daily actions. Take back control of your time, spend it on the things that move the needle, learn to schedule your life more productively & aligned with your authentic energy. 

Step 3

Step 5



Our favourite easy (and overlooked) ritual – Reflection. Taking ten minutes — to kick off every week & month (not just on New Year’s or your birthday) — to reflect & recalibrate. Figuring out what’s working & what’s not gives you the data to learn, grow & thrive.
Work Smarter (& intentionally) not harder with our exact Reflect Ritual. 

How It Works

First this

5 Step Roadmap for crystal-clear focus, an empowering plan of action (with less stress), a renewed spark towards your most important dreams, rising to your potential & your best year yet. Goals = Reality.

Then this

Struggles, road bloacks, getting in your own way & failures are inevitable.  But they won't stop you. Move through anything life throws at you with confidence & ease.

Then this

Monthly accountability emails, you crush your goals, feel healthy & well-thy and have your best year ever!
(Hell ya, right?!) 

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Taking your business to the next level without leaving your body behind

Putting fear, procrastination & that pesky imposter syndrome where they belong - in the past

Developing a work-life balance that supports your business goals and your personal wellness.

Building a strong, healthy foundation for “High-Performance You” to stand on for years to come 

Finding time to do what you love most and saying no to the rest. 


Confidently crushing your ambitious goals and make the money you’re capable of

This *is* for you if:

You are willing to make big moves in your business, mindset & lifestyle.

You are committed to having your best income year yet.

You're ready to do the damn thing and go all-in.

You're overwhelmed by reading this.

You're fine setting goals you're excited about and then giving up by March. 

It's probably *not* for you if...

You're not willing to do the work.

real results

Tracey is thriving. 

Paige and Arianne are Olympians for a reason – they were able to overcome challenges and learn from every setback. And they’ll share that hard-won expertise with you, so you can set meaningful, focused goals and begin achieving them. I’m on track for my best year yet, I'm seeing results, I love and swear by my wellness plan & I have more time. This course is beyond worth the investment.

real results

Jessica got her Groove Back...

"Before starting this course, I was really frustrated with myself for not making the progress towards my goals that I wanted to. Now I have more clarity and confidence in myself and my goals, so my goals have never felt more attainable to me. This course helped me to learn how to try and be my best self in life; it’s helped me to be happier with myself- in every aspect. 
This course helped me realize that I get to be who I think I am, and it gave me the tools that I need to do so.

real results

Jaclyn is focused.

I know what I want to accomplish each day because of my clearly created priorities and goals; in my confidence in my decision making or simply in recognizing how my body is feeling each day so that I can meet myself where I’m at- this course helps me be a better me, every day. If you’re looking for a process or system to help you implement your goals while feeling better about yourself, this is the course you need to take.

real results

Catherine had a lightbulb moment. 

After finishing the 5 steps of goal setting, it was like a light bulb went off! I was like, OMG how did I not know how to set goals like this my whole life. I now feel like I can wake up every day, and know exactly what needs to be done to move the needle towards my dreams. AND feel purposeful in the day, with time to rest & exercise, not just ‘busy’ all the time. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! Ps. I’m only one month out of this course and I just got a promotion at work that you gave me the confidence to speak up for! 

3 months from now you'll have wished you started today....

So Let's Get Started!

weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly planner

12+ videos & personal workbook

Get Monthly accountability from us for a year.

a proven roadmap that helps you uplevel your business & life

Yes, It Really Works:

Katherine got a 6 figure book deal

I sold my book for six-figures.

 I set meaningful, actionable, reachable goals for my career and stuck to them. This transformed my thinking, which let me transform my outlook, which transformed my career. I'm in a professional 180 from where I was a year ago, and I am so excited and optimistic about the things to come."

Shauna scaled her business by 5x

If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Paige & Arianne.

I'm making more money per month this year than I did all last year. This is directly because of The Goal Getter Rx. I have deep belief in myself, I have a clear plan to stick to every week, month & quarter, 
I have accountability and I'm happy to say- their 5 step process WORKS!

Kate doubled her client base. 

“I realized I could offer so much more, I just didn’t know how or where I needed to start!”

 I had no idea how much self sabotaging I was doing or how my own imposter syndrome was holding me back.  Almost a year later I have a clear direction for my business, my client base has grown and I no longer wonder IF I can accomplish it...It’s a matter how much I’m willing to push and continue to grow! 



Grab your seat today and get your Year in Review Guide. 

Because we’re human, we need chapters to end so that new ones can burst open. Our secret to crushing bold goals is first, you need to take a look back at your last year. The moments, milestones & habits that led you here today are an opportunity to consider the things you want to fight for and pursue in 2023. 

This is our step by step playbook, all yours. 


“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me to me, yesterday

“I just can’t rave enough about Paige and Arianne!”

I know I always have them in my corner and that is priceless. This has improved my mindset and results not just in competition but also professionally in my family medicine practice. They go above and beyond being your coaches, as they truly want the best for anyone they work with. Thank you Paige and Arianne for everything you do!

- Dr. Monica Teichert



“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. ”

If you’re willing to put in some work and get real with yourself, this course can be absolutely life changing. 




Hey we're
Arianne & Paige.

Co-hosts of the Finding Greatness Podcast, Olympians, 6 Figure Course Creators, Company Founders, Coaches, Business Builders, Best Friends, Self-Improvement Obsessed and Always Learning. 

Consider us your personal hype women. We believe you’re doing the world a great disservice by playing small.

 We’re passionate about helping you feel inspired & empowered to live an authentic, fulfilling, heathy AF and powerful life. 


High Performance coach

Ready to seize 2023 and take your business & well-th to the next level?

You may think that the leaders in your industry you look up to are only rewarded with success due to a magic combination of luck & personal sacrifices.  But we're here to tell you it's possible to accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health, mental wellness, and joy along the way. 

Our goal isn’t to change who you are - far from! It’s to help you uncover and step into who you know you’re meant to be.   It’s to bring out the best of you that’s already there hiding beneath the tiredness, insecurity, and lack of clarity. You have one life to live and a finite amount of time. You get to choose how you spend that time, so why would you settle for anything less than being your best?

If you want different results, you have to be willing to do things differently.


This course includes everything you need to reach your goals.

We’ve done the work to create a course that walks you from point A to point Z. We’ve set it up to be as easy as possible for you to follow through, and finally accomplish the goals you set for yourself. BUT, you hold all the power. You have to be willing to show up and do the work; to put the sweat equity into your goals and your efforts because this is the only way to move the needle.

Why wait any longer to finally go after and accomplish the goals you're capable of?
Greatness is waiting for you, my friend.


money back 

Try our course for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

That's how much we believe in this. Hundreds have taken the course, and we've had zero returns.
This program has the power to profoundly change your life. 

If you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your completed course workbook and you’ll be eligible for a refund. The reason we ask for this is simple: if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value.
Refund eligibility has a firm deadline.

Which one do you want?

A month from now… you can either have a month of progress OR a month of excuses....


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Of clients saw results. 

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Still on the Fence?

We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! 
Send us an email, we're always happy to connect. 

Frequently Asked Questions


You'll have access 24 hours/day whenever you want in your online library. Every video, workbook, and resource will be at your fingertips when you need it.

How long do i have access for?

A lifetime. Once you join, all resources, recipes and videos are yours to come back to when you need. 

Will I need to invest in anything else?

Nope. There are no hidden fees. Once you press that GO button you’ll be equipped with every single thing you need to succeed.

How much of a time commitment is this overall?

We're firm believers that you'll get out of this, what you put into it.  Meaning the more focused time & energy you put into the course, the greater the rewards you'll reap.  That being said, the entire course can be worked through in the span of a few days or up to a few weeks- it depends on how you want to approach it.

How much work is involved in the course?

The great thing about this course is that all the work you'll be doing is practical and useful for your business.... So, when you're working on the course you're actually working on your business!  Each level requires effort & change, but it's designed to fit into your daily & weekly schedules & habits.

The only *course work* that doesn't fit into your typical work day are the videos for each level, but these are all under 15 min.

Is this a good price?

Heck yes. You are getting access to the years of expertise of both Paige & Arianne who charge 10x + this price to work with 1:1.

Remember, your dreams are an investment, not an expense. And it's also the foundation of everything you do.  The question isn't "is this a good price", it's "what are your dreams worth to you?".